Meet The Owner/Creator

Hello Everyone! My name is Chris aka "Shirtgame". You're probably wondering how I initially came up with the name Shirtgame for my company so I'll tell you... When I first started my screen printing business back in 2007, I decided to come up with a name that basically sums up being the "King" of the t-shirt industry. I didn't just want to print t-shirts, I wanted to also start a movement as well as a trend. When people saw me, I wanted them to immediately think of custom t-shirts but on a totally new and different level. My ultimate goal was to change the t-shirt game one cool design at a time. 

I started off making simple graphic designs years ago when I worked a regular job and would show cool and funny designs to my friends and co-workers for likes and laughs. Little did I know that the world would later call what I was doing, "memes". Some of my co-workers would say, "You should put this on a t-shirt". I had no idea of how to go about doing so which lead me to start doing a little research and found out how to get it done. After paying a local screen printing shop to print a few of my designs on t-shirts, one of the owners became my mentor and Shirtgame Custom Screen Printing & Graphics was born.

I did lots of networking during those days which lead me to meet my second mentor. At the time, he owned a sneaker boutique that only sold sneakers and we started a local custom sneaker tee operation out of his store in 2009. In late 2010, he convinced me to take my sneaker matching t-shirt idea online and that's when I became one of the first pioneers to ever sell sneaker tees online.

All of this non-stop working and printing t-shirts out of my 2-bedroom condo enabled me to I become fortunate enough to open a shop where we printed t-shirts for small businesses, schools, churches, organizations, sporting events, music groups, sneaker matching, etc. Business stayed busy and my shop quickly became my second home.

After years of success and what felt like endless hours of hard work in my shop, I decided I no longer wanted to be in the screen printing business so I decided to sell my shop to a dynamic duo who went on to do some amazing things. In my attempt to completely exit the t-shirt business with plans to embark on other ventures, I came to realize that even though I no longer wanted to do the printing, I didn't earn the nickname "Shirtgame" for nothing... I still love t-shirts too much to leave them alone and because of that, Skylarstyle was born. Now I'm able to solely do what I love most which is create cool designs and outsource to have them printed on great quality t-shirts to match your style as well as my own. As you can see in my photo, I'm rockin' a personal tee I created to match my Jordan 5 Grape. You can clearly see how good my tees match the kicks. From the famous words of Wallo267, "And it's just like that!"

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