About SkylarStyle

Our Formula

You may wonder where did our store name originate from? Well, I have a daughter and her name is Skylar. She's basically the motivation behind me doing this website. Her name + my style = Skylarstyle. I also feel like adding the word "style" at the end of her name adds a nice ring to it. Don't you agree?


Our Objective

This is only the beginning... We plan to expand our brand tremendously throughout the years. We're working very hard day in and day out to develop our company as well as our brand by reaching many amazing people and encouraging you all to support our company, shop with us and share your great shopping experiences with your friends and family members so we'll eventually become a household name... not just in the US but worldwide. 


Our Experience

Since late 2010, we started selling custom sneaker matching t-shirts on Ebay and that became a big success. Since then, that same Ebay store has been ranked as a consistent Power Seller on Ebay with over 18,000 successful transactions and more than 7,600 positive feedback currently... not every customer takes time to leave feedback but our satisfaction rate is great. In addition to our Ebay store, we opened another store on Etsy in Nov 2012 and have been consistently selling t-shirts while also earning great customer reviews on that platform as well. Needless to say, we're a well trusted seller and we strive to provide the utmost customer satisfaction here at SkylarStyle.


Our Social Media

We strive to reach as many people as possible worldwide and welcome you all to come shop with us for great items at great prices. By following our social media platforms, you will have the opportunity to stay updated on all of our upcoming releases, new releases, promotions, giveaways and much more...

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Our Appreciation

As our brand continues to grow, we want to thank all of our supporters and loyal customers for believing in our brand and spreading the word about us. We really appreciate you very much! Without you there would be no us. We look forward to continue winning with you on our team!