Shirtgame's first sub-brand to hit the sneaker tee market. The logo for this brand was created back in 2011 during the Air Foamposite Pro "Electric Blue" sneaker release. I had a friend who was crazy about Foams and he would cop every pair that dropped. I used to think to myself, "this dude really has a foam fetish" then it hit me... I decided to create a logo for a new sub-brand that specifically catered to sneakerheads that love foamposites. After I created the logo, we started printing it in different colors on tees to match all types of foams. We got our big break when we printed the logo in 2012 to match the "Electrolime" Foamposite Ones. It was printed on nice black v-neck tees and was a crazy hot seller... sold out every day of that weekend the Electrolime had released. The sales kept pouring in for months to follow. The next big seller was when we printed the logo to match the "Gym Green" Foamposite Pro. We printed it in the same funky color as the upper on the sneakers with a gym green Shirtgame logo printed on the sleeves of the shirts. We stayed busy printing those tees all around the clock to keep up with the online sales. Those were the days... Anyways, the Foam Fetish brand consists of great quality mens/unisex sneaker tees mainly to match your Nike Air Foamposite One and Nike Air Foamposite Pro. The prints on these tees are original, rare, unique and only found here on

*All shirts are official products of our trademarked Foam Fetish Brand.

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