Shirtgame's second sub-brand to hit the sneaker tee market. The logo for this brand was created back in 2012 during the Lebron 9 "South Beach" sneaker release. I was trying to just create a cool design for TRUE sneakerheads who really know their sneakers... not just Lebrons, Jordans and other nikes but sneakers by all other brands on the market... even brands that most people have never heard about. In my head, those group of sneakerheads are called ELITE Sneakerheads so the very first tees that hit the market with the ESS design read ELITE SNEAKERHEAD SOCIETY. Once the design was completed, I decided that it would be the logo for this sub-brand. The logo was printed in Pink Flash on tees that were the same color as the green on the South Beach 9s and they sold like hot cakes. We then started printing the logo in different colors to match different sneakers until the wording had to be changed due to trademarking purposes... It went from ELITE SNEAKERHEAD SOCIETY to ELITE SNEAKER SOCIETY. I then started coming up with different designs inspired by the new brand and the rest is history. Just like Shirtgame, the Elite Sneaker Society brand consists of great quality mens/unisex sneaker tees to match your Air Jordan, Nike Air Foamposite, Air Max, Air Lebron, Yeezy Boost and more... The prints on these tees are original, rare, unique and only found here on SkylarStyle.com.

*All shirts are official products of our trademarked Elite Sneaker Society Brand.