The Perfect Match for Your Jordan 13 "Lakers"

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The Perfect Match for Your Jordan 13 "Lakers"

We were on some different ish with the tees we got for the Jordan 13 "Lakers". I mean, we have a Zeus tee... Did you hear me?? A ZEUS Tee!! Yes, we are on our advanced sneaker tee ish right now. We tried to get away from the typical "phrase and word art/meme" looking dopeness for the most part but you know that's our specialty so we couldn't get away completely lol. Anyways, this colorway is so dope to me. We have white tees, black tees and purple tees in this collection. You just gotta get in where you fit in ya dig? We also have a dope tee that I call "Passion". It's was created from a graffiti piece from an unknown artist somewhere in the world who I would like to know but for now you can click here and see the tee for yourself. You won't be disappointed... Anyone who browses and not buy anything is a rotten egg! Haha, see you at checkout!

Signing off here... your favorite "Sneaker Tee Pioneer",




Photo Credit: @streetlocker205 (Instagram)

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