"Sketch To Shelf" Tees?? Look No Further!

air max 1 sketch to shelf -

"Sketch To Shelf" Tees?? Look No Further!

I had an absolute blast creating the designs for these tees here! Thank you Nike for dropping these "Sketch To Shelf" Air Max 1s. Y'all make my job more and more fun every time. Between me and you, I'm starting to like creating designs for Air Max more than Jordans... Real talk. When it comes to details, our tees got it locked in that department. All the details you see in the shoes are on our tees as well. I've said this before about another pair of kicks that released recently, I haven't seen any other sneaker tee brand with as much matching detail in their tees as we have in ours. Click here and check 'em out for yourself... go ahead and zoom in on the tees from your phone, tablet, or laptop and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. We did the dang thang on this collection. You're welcome! I think I've said enough about these... it's time to shop now. See you at checkout!

Signing off here... your favorite "Sneaker Tee Pioneer",




Photo Credit: @sneakerhubbb (Instagram)

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