'MARNF" Goes "Viotech"

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'MARNF" Goes "Viotech"

Everybody meet "MARNF"... A fun, lovable character who came to us off the streets of Who Knows Where, USA and wanted to collaborate with us on our new Air Max 1 "Viotech 2.0" collection. At first, I was a little skeptical about letting this green guy with the words "MARNF" tattooed above his right eye get in on this project but when I asked him what the word means and he told me it was an acronym for "MAMA AIN'T RAISE NO FOOL!", I was all in! So we were on the corner of 36th and Davidson in NODA (Charlotte, NC) while "MARNF" was just takin in the scenery, talking to folks and being his happy go lucky self when we snapped this close up of him blabbering about how he has the dopest sneaker collection and he's had the Viotech 2.0s since his birthday in March so he definitely needed to be the face of this collection. Needless to say, we made it happen and we're glad we did. Since then, "MARNF" has left us for now to continue his travels. He said he'll try to return back sometime soon. Til then, take care "MARNF"! It was a pleasure meeting you and thank you so much for collaborating with us on this collection! I'm sure after reading that awesome story, you're ready to see the whole collection so click here and tell 'em "MARNF" sent you!


Signing off here... your favorite "Sneaker Tee Pioneer",


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